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Does your business have an inaccurate name, address, or phone numbers showing up in online directories? Let the SEO experts at Tiger & Rose Digital Media manage your business listings and improve your performance in local search!


If you want the easiest possible way for your customers to find you, this is a good service to use. With Google My Business, you can make sure your company is on Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps — and your customers can interact with you more easily. But to give you your best chance of delivering a consistent marketing message and forming lasting relationships with loyal customers, let HigherVisibility help you get started with Google My Business.

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Claiming citations from portals such as and local directories can help give your business that much more legitimacy as part of your community — and that matters for a business competing in a local market as well as giving you a boost in the search engine rankings for your area. Higher visibility can make sure you claim the correct citations for your industry.


NAP simply stands for “name, address and phone number” — and you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have NAP data that is consistent across the web. Having an actual physical address and phone number listed in directories and other websites not only gives you a boost in your local organic search listings but also lends your business instant legitimacy. Citations and local listings are extremely important components of your local SEO strategy. HigherVisibility can make sure your data is both consistent and widely distributed to the right websites.

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What is local listings management?

The management and distribution of name, address, and phone number data across business listing directories to maintain accurate and consistent contact information. This is essential for SEO.


What is NAP data?

This is the name, address, and phone number information for a business. This is used to publish contact information about your business to various online directories and mapping services.


Will this increase my leads or sales?

If you are targeting a regional audience for your business location, the answer is yes. There is a very high correlation of consistent business listing information with successful local SEO campaigns.


Do you manage Google My Business listings?

Yes! We can manage Google My Business listings for single locations as well as multi-units.


Why is consitent data important?

Consistent data is one of the most important factors in local search engine ranking. Google analyzes the data from the aggregators and phone directories. The consistency is then compared to GMB.


Will this help me show up in Google Maps?

Having an active Google My Business page makes you eligible for display in Google Maps, but consistent local listings act as a catalyst for higher placements.


What if I don't have a storefront or office?

If you don't have a physical location, this solution may not be the best for you. We do have other solutions available, though! Contact us for a free consultation to see what services will best fit your needs.


How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the number of locations you need managed. Listing management is also a standard feature in our local SEO plans. For the best pricing possible, please request a free consultation.

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Grow your online presence and get more leads with accurate local listings management.

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